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CityWide Staff

Office: Aunt Nikki- since 7/84
Alicia- since 2/95
Sales: Tommy- Senior sales rep since 4/83
Melanie- Sales assistant since 11/06
John- Sales assistant since 11/86
Crew 1: Bill- foreman/ gate fabricator since 3/92
Mark- PVC/aluminum installer since 8/96
Crew 2: Brian- foreman/ chain link/wood installer since 12/02
Tyler- chain link/wood installer since 6/01

Security: BeBe- guard dog since 5/13
Contact Us:
Ph .407-247-0795      Fax .407-328-4361
Hours of Operation:
Mon through Saturday- 8am to 5pm
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Ideal Aluminum Products
Master Halco Fence Products
Merchants Metals Fence Products
With CityWide, you're buying the best quality products, for 
your most important investment--Your Home!
CityWide Is Not Just Building Your Fence, We're Building Our Reputation 
Ameristar Fence Products
Bufftech PVC Fence Products
Montage Fence Products
Sunbelt Pressure Treated Wood Products
Homeland Vinyl Fence Products
Barrette Fence Products
Why Choose CityWide?

--We specialize in all of your fencing needs, with over 20 years experience. 
--We offer premium products at the lowest price.
--We provide fast and friendly service, and have the versatility to work around YOUR busy schedule.
--Our installers deliver expert workmanship, with professionalism. 
 --All of our products come with a manufacturers warranty, including a five year installation guarantee.
--Choose from PVC FenceChain Link FenceWood Fence , or Aluminum Fence
                                                                                  The “Ins and Outs” Of Fence

There is a an old saying that goes, “Fences make better neighbors”, but as most people will share a fence with their neighbor, one might want to learn a bit more about fencing before deciding about whether to make your neighbor your friend or your foe. I have been the owner of a Fence Company for the last 20 years, and have grown up in the business, and would like to share with you some important things to know about the types of fence available, as well as some important facts about the details of installing fence. First, let’s look at the four most common fence types available and how each type fits different needs.