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CityWide Fence 
"Quality From Post to Post"

The Affordability and Privacy of a CityWide Wood Fence....
You'll gain the privacy you desire, with the practical affordability, and a premium quality wood privacy fence. Whether you choose our privacy board on board, or semi-private stockade style, you'll find the perfect privacy for your home. Both offer visual privacy and help reduce noise levels from surrounding areas. Block out the world and settle into your own private space that can help reduce stress.
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**All styles available in 3 to 8 feet tall, cypress or pressure treated pine.
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Board on Board, pressure treated pine, with lattice top at www.citywidefenceonline.com
Horizontal slat, pressure treated pine, with stain at www.citywidefenceonline.com
Board on Board, pressure treated pine, with lattice top at www.citywidefenceonline.com
6 foot tall shadowbox, cypress wood fence at www.citywidefenceonline.com
4 foot, space picket wood fence at www.citywidefenceonline.com
6 foot tall stockade, pressure treated pine, with face and cap top at www.citywidefenceonline.com
6 foot tall stockade, cypress wood fence, with modified rails at www.citywidefenceonline.com
Stockade, pressure treated pine fence gate, with domed top at www.citywidefenceonline.com
6 foot tall, stockade style, pressure treated pine wood fence at www.citywidefenceonline.com
8 foot tall, stockade, pressure treated pine, with standard dog ear top on steel post. www,citywidefenceonline.com
 board on board, pressure treated pine wood fence, with standard dog ear top at www.citywidefenceonline.com
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Wood fence utilizes cedar, pine, pressure treated pine, and cypress woods. Wood can have a tendency to warp, or crack due to moisture swelling or extreme temperature; therefore, different types are used in different parts of the country. Cedar fence is not commonly used or recommended in southern states because the heat and higher humidity levels have been found to warp it too quickly. Pressure treated pine and Cypress is popular in the south because it is more resistant to higher humidity, heat and pests, such as termites.  Wood constructed fences utilize posts that are typically 4”x4” wide and 6 to 10 feet long. They are buried at the base 2 to 3 feet in the ground, depending on the height desired; from 4 to 8 feet tall upon completion. The decision to use cement for your posts depends entirely on how much moisture exists in your ground. Cement tends to hold moisture thereby contributing to faster rot. It is usually not recommended in southern states. Life expectancy for wood can range from 10 to 30 years, depending on weather conditions, and how well it is maintained, and if it is painted or water sealed.Wood styles can be constructed with the pickets horizontally or vertically depending on the look you are trying to achieve. The most popular continues to be vertical construction. Pickets can be arranged side by side, or overlapping, which is called board on board. If maximum privacy is desired, board on board is the style of choice. Yellawood, and Sunbelt Forest Products are the most popular manufacturers of wood fence.