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1. What's my first step?

-- Contact us and have a knowledgable sales representative to assist you with your questions or concerns, or set up an appointment for a free, formal fence quote, at a time that would best suit you.

*Please note: Obtaining style and placement approval 
with your HOA (Homeowners Association)
will ensure prompt and accurate estimation. 

2. What kind of fence would best suit my needs?

-- If you live in a deed restricted subdivision/ neighborhood, refer to the by-laws (provided at the time of home closing) to find out your allowable fence types. 

--"Do I need privacy, animal containment, pool code requirements, or a fence just to keep the youngsters close to home".
3. How do I find my property lines?
-- We refer to your plat survey to locate your underground property pins, and compare to ensure property accuracy. 
4. How soon can my fence be installed?

-- Typically, installation can begin within 48 hours of your initial call, unless you have special requirements due to HOA specifications. (refer to deed restrictions/ bylaws)
Please Note:
Irrigation lines/heads do not dictate your property line locations. Only the legal recorded "Plat of Survey", with the state, county, city, and mortgage entities, would be the legal location of property lines. If irrigation lines/heads are located outside your property lines, CityWide will relocate lines/heads within your property at no expense to you.
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